Duran Y. Gallegos Post 69




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 Greetings fellow Legionnaires and family, hope that this month’s newsletter finds you all fine! We wish that we could get more members to come out and attend our monthly meetings. Last month, we didn’t have a quorum to conduct required business. We need more members to be present so that we can carry on our Post 69 business. We need a minimum of six (6) members to be present. Remember, our Auxiliary prepares breakfast (free) to all Legionnaires to enjoy before our meeting. Starting at 8 AM to 10:30 AM, ending just in time for you to attend the monthly meeting. Most of the general meeting doesn’t even take one hour to conduct our much needed Post 69 business. Please attend, we need you to help make important decisions! This month we were able to contribute $500 to each of our schools in our area: Los Ranchos, Alameda, and Corrales Elementary Schools. Our early bird renewals have been coming in very steady. You could be an early bird also! Respectfully, Robert Jaramillo Commander

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