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9000 Fourth St. NW, Alameda, NM 87114

Duran Y. Gallegos Post 69




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Legionaires Members of American Legion Post 69
Commander DAVID STEVENS has resigned his position as  COMMANDER of our post for personal reasons. Therefore as being the 1st Vice, I have assumed the position of commander untill elections are held in April of 2019 .
I will do my best to serve our Post and our members of Post  69 to the best of my ability. 
Now I'll move on to my membership report. As of today we have 439 members that have renewed for  2019. Our goal for 2019 is 589.  Please renew ASAP .
Rules of membership: American Legion membership is annual , the Legion year being from January 1 to December 31 . Dues are payable October 20 in advance.  If dues are not paid by January 1 of each calendar year , the member becomes delinquent.  If dues have not been paid by February 1 the member is suspended.  But nevertheless a member with no privilege exception of reinstatement by post and payment of dues . Dues not being paid,  such membership continues for five months, to June 30, at which time the member is dropped from the role by constitutional mandate and membership forfeited .
This information comes from The American Legion  Officers Guide . SO please renew as soon as possible !
Hope that you and your family all had a very Merry Christmas !
I also hope  that you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year
Robert Jaramillo 








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